The world of AI trading bots is like a maze. You’re lost and thinking, “Which way do I go?”

Well, you’re in luck! I’ve been using Aithena for over a year now. Yep, a whole year! And I’m here to spill the tea.

Why Should You Care About My Aithena Review?

  • Real Experience: I’ve been in the trenches, so you don’t have to be.
  • No Fluff: Just straight-up, honest insights. No jargon, no-nonsense.
  • Your Time-Saver: Don’t waste hours researching. I’ve done the legwork for you.

So, are you pumped to find out if Aithena is your golden ticket to trading success? 🎫

Let’s not waste another second. Dive in with me!

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Key Takeaways

  • What’s Aithena? It’s your AI buddy for Forex trading.
  • Who’s Company? Eaconomy. They’re the brains behind this operation.
  • Ease of Use: Aithena makes trading a breeze with its intuitive, automated system that keeps getting smarter.
  • Cost: $149 a month. Yep, that’s your ticket to the trading bot.

What is Aithena Trading Bot?

Aithena Trading Bot is a trading software that uses artificial intelligence to trade the Forex market with leverage. The trading software uses advanced trading to execute trades on financial markets.

Meet Aithena, an AI Trading Bot in the Forex market.

Why Aithena?

  • Automated: It trades for you—no more guesswork.
  • Smart: Uses AI to pick the best trades. You get better returns.
  • Simple: Easy setup with your Forex account. No fuss.

In short, Aithena makes Forex trading smarter and easier.

Who is Behind Aithena?

Meet Eaconomy.

They’re not just about trading but about leveling up your life.

They specialize in education and technology and focus on skills training in the financial markets.

They guide individuals who aim to achieve greatness in their lives through their trading strategies.

A presentation image of Eaconomy and the founder & CEO Hassan Mahmoud
A presentation image of Eaconomy and the founder & CEO Hassan Mahmoud.

And the man behind the curtain?

Hassan Mahmoud. He is a very successful young entrepreneur with a degree in Economics from the University of London.

Hassan started his career as a professional trader and became interested in teaching people how to trade. He has been trading for over ten years and is a well-known figure in the industry.

Who Is It For?

  • Newbies: If you’re dipping your toes, this is your lifebuoy.
  • Pros: Even if you’re a trading whiz, this bot’s got tricks you’ll want to see.
  • Busy Bees: Got a life outside trading, family? Aithena’s your autopilot.

Who is it NOT For?

  • Manual Traders: If you like holding the reins, Aithena’s not your pick. There is another package with tools for that at a lower price.

5 Benefits of Aithena You Can’t Ignore

Here is a picture showing what is included in the Elite Pro package with Aithena.
Here is a picture showing what is included in the Elite Pro package with Aithena.

1. Automated trading

Imagine trading while you sleep. That’s Aithena for you. Automated trading frees you up to live your life while Aithena does the heavy lifting.

No more 3 a.m. market checks or staring at the screen for the perfect entry.

2. Quick Start

Another great thing about this software is that it’s straightforward to set up and use.

Even if you’re a beginner, you can be up and running in 30 minutes!

3. Customizable

This software is also suitable for advanced traders who want more trade control.

You can customize the software to suit your trading style and risk appetite.

This is an excellent feature because it allows you to trade more flexibly and freely.

4. Newbie-Friendly

This software is also beginner-friendly. If you’re new to trading, you’ll find the software easy to use and understand.

There’s also a lot of helpful information and guidance on the Eaconomy website to help you get started.

5. Smart Strategy

It’s like having a trading genius in your pocket, always learning and constantly improving.

Aithena levels the playing field with data-driven strategies that adapt and improve.

Aithena – Your AI Trading Sidekick

  • Smart Scans: Aithena’s like your personal scout, sniffing out the best currency pairs for you.
  • 30-Minute Setup: Yep, you read that right.
  • Free Skie Cloud VPS: You don’t need your computer for the trades.
  • $1000 to Start: Your ticket in so Aithena can do the work.

Disclaimer: Past profits are not necessarily indicative of future results. I make no guarantees that you will make money. You should always consult a financial advisor regarding all risks associated with trading.

Aithena Pricing

Monthly Plan: Just $149.
Think of it as your monthly gym membership but for your wallet.

Aithena Pricing

Elite Pack Pro

  • Aithena: Your personal finance guru.
  • Education: Learn the ropes; don’t just follow them.
  • Hercules Crypto DCA: Imagine buying Bitcoin without the stress. Dollar-cost averaging makes it happen.
  • Manara: Your AI buddy for trading.

Hercules Ultimate DCA

The Hercules DCA is used as an indicator on Tradingview. Choose crypto, input your yearly investment and when to start, and the weekly buy amount will be calculated.

A visual of Tradingview with the indicator Hercules Ultimate DCA.
A visual of Tradingview with the indicator Hercules Ultimate DCA.

Manara A.I. Trade Ideas

This AI tool spots market breakouts before you even have your morning coffee.

Manara – a dynamic AI tool that can be used on your computer or phone.

It automates technical analysis and sends alerts to your phone via Telegram.


  • Instant Alerts: Get a nudge on your phone. Never miss an opportunity.
  • User-Friendly: Works on both your computer and phone.
  • Time-Saver: Let Manara do the heavy lifting. You make the decisions.


  • Not for Passive Traders: If you’re looking for a “set and forget” solution, this might not be your jam. But you have Aithena for that.
A visual of Manara AI trading ideas tool.
A visual of Manara AI trading ideas tool.

Aithena Pros and Cons


  • Beginner-Friendly: Easy as pie.
  • Money-Safe: Your cash is secure at your broker.
  • Trailing Stop Loss: It’s your financial bodyguard.
  • Data-driven: No guesswork, just results.
  • Automated Trades: Hands-off and hassle-free.
  • VPS & Hercules Included: More bang for your buck.
  • Manara: You manual AI trading buddy.


  • Company Dependence: You depend on the company (you don’t buy the software).
  • No USA: Sorry, if you’re in the U.S., you can’t use it.
  • Monthly Fees: Good times, bad times, doesn’t matter.

If you are searching for a high-quality Forex broker, here is my recommendation.

My Experience Using Aithena and The Results I Have Achieved

I started my journey with Aithena in May 2022. I was initially skeptical after researching and reading other people’s experiences.

I learned about Aithena from an online community of entrepreneurs and decided to try it. I was amazed at how easy it was to set up and start.

I’m glad that I did!

The software is very user-friendly and easy to set up. After just 30 minutes, I was up and running and making trades.

I was also pleased with the results I achieved. Within a few weeks, I saw significant profits, and now, six months in, I still see consistent profits.

I would recommend Aithena to anyone looking for great AI trading software. It’s perfect for beginners and more advanced traders alike.

Best AI trading software Aithena Review: Final Thoughts

Are you looking for AI trading software that is easy to use and beginner-friendly? Then, I can recommend Aithena.

Of course, there is always a risk involved in trading. Of all the AI bots I have tried, this is the best one so far.

Overall, I am delighted with Aithena and highly recommend it to anyone looking for a great AI trading software solution.

Here are the results from the Facebook group of people who use Aithena:

As you can see, there are many good things to say about this AI trading software. If you want to try it out, watch the FREE webinar to learn more.

Disclaimer: Past profits are not necessarily indicative of future results. I make no guarantees that you will make money. You should always consult a financial advisor regarding all risks associated with trading.

If you are searching for a high-quality Forex broker, here is my recommendation.

A Breakdown Of How Aithena Works.

Note: Heads up, this is more advanced stuff!

Core Trading Strategy and Analysis

  • Trend reversal day trader (not scalper nor swing trader)
  • Trades m30 and H1 timeframes
  • Trades are taken based on technical analysis, not fundamental or macro analysis.
  • Uses a multi-step evaluation process to make trade entry decisions.
    • Identifies critical levels of support and resistance
    • Identifies a trend that hits such a level, then looks for signs of reversal
    • High likelihood reversals at key levels are identified through
      – Candlestick patterns.
      – Momentum indicators.

Handling Adverse Market Movements

  • If a trade goes the wrong way, the steps above are repeated to find opportunities to provide a cover trade.
  • Cover trades placed at key levels, NOT after a preset amount of pips
  • Multiple cover trades can be taken for the same currency pair.
  • Cover trades are typically, but not always, cautiously scaled up in size.

Advanced Features and Benefits for Newcomers

As mentioned, it uses m30-H1 timeframes, and to find trade entries, it first looks at support and resistance. For example, if the price reaches a support zone, the AI trading software will look for candlesticks that indicate a reversal.

Once that happens, the trading software will check a few momentum indicators and wait for a 180 “gravity” turn, which indicates a reversal since the trend on the relevant timeframe shows clear signs of turning.

Once this lineup is complete, the trading software enters the trade. I.e., it enters at likely trend reversals.

Once it has entered, let’s say the market moves in the wrong direction, then it uses a scaling strategy to get out.

The trading software will keep placing a new trade with a slightly more prominent position size to ensure it always needs only a 20-22% reversal to get out in net profit.

Adaptive Trade Placement and Newcomer Perks

However, Aithena won’t just blindly place a new trade after X number of pips; instead, the trade ideas at this point are looking at the ATR to determine when to set a new trade.

If something is moving like there is no tomorrow, it can place another trade after 70 pips, or if the market is ranging, it could place a new trade after 20 pips; it depends on the market and the value of the ATR.

For people just starting up with AIthena, for them not to have to wait too long to get their first trade (as it always stays until everything lines up correctly before taking a trade), there is a special perk for newcomers:

The trading software communicates with another software on the central server, a ghost trader, running on every pair simultaneously.

So, for example, four days ago, the server software entered EURUSD, and now it would be in trades on, let’s say, five levels. Then somebody started using Athena today. That person’s software will enter EURUSD immediately on his account because the trade is still valid on the server.

Trailing StopLoss

Most trades will have entry and exit signals based on a fixed TP, which is particularly obvious for single-position trades, i.e., when only one position (no cover trades) has been opened in a given currency pair.

If Aithena has had to open multiple positions to recover, then most commonly, a trailing stop loss mechanism is employed.

The way the TSL works is it looks at the ATR indicator on the m30 timeframe to determine when it should kick in.

For example, If the ATR value is 40 pips, once you’re 40 pips above the breakeven level on a pair, the software will place a stop loss halfway (breakeven + 20 pips).

Your trailing stop’s step will be 20 pips, so every time the market moves 20 pips in your favor, the stop loss will follow it, and if the market hits your stop loss, it will close out all the trades on that pair.

What type of results is expected from AI trading software?

Aithena trade ideas are designed to generate consistent, long-term profits by taking advantage of market reversals.

The aim is to make small but frequent profits that add up over time rather than going for the big score and risking significant losses.

The trading software is not designed to get rich quickly; instead, it is meant to provide a steady stream of income that can grow your account over time.

Many people using the software have seen results from 4-12 % profits per month.

Of course, results will vary from person to person and depend on several factors, such as account size, risk appetite, settings, and market conditions.

In general, though, the Aithena trading software is a reliable tool that can help you grow your account over time if used correctly.

Disclaimer: Past profits are not necessarily indicative of future results. I make no guarantees that you will make money. You should always consult a financial advisor regarding all risks associated with trading.

What is AI Trading software?

It is a computer program that uses artificial intelligence to make trading decisions. The software analyzes market and data points and predicts future price movements.

If the predictions are accurate, the software will place trades on behalf of the user and generate profits.

Is AI trading software real?

Most definitely. AI trading software is becoming increasingly popular as people look for ways to trade the markets automatically.

There are several different AI trading bots out there, both in forex and crypto, with their trading strategy, so it’s worth researching to find one that suits your needs.

That’s a Wrap: Should You Try Aithena?

So, there you have it!

Aithena is a reliable and user-friendly AI trading software that can help you grow your account over time.

This software is worth trying out if you’re interested in AI trading. But always invest what you can afford to lose.

Just remember always to do your research and practice risk management when trading.

Happy trading!

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