Are you looking to invest in the future of the Internet? Web3 is going to be the next phase of Internet development.

Investors increasingly focus on Web3 due to its enhanced security, privacy, and autonomy potential. This emerging technology is quickly becoming a lucrative investment opportunity.

Whether you want to create NFT or stake or add liquidity pools in yield farming, you must learn to invest in Web3 if you’re serious about riding the wave.

Are you wondering how to monetize your Web3 investments? Keep reading as I share some top strategies to achieve this goal.

Are you prepared? Let’s begin!

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What is Web3?

The upcoming frontier of Internet technology is the decentralized web, also called Web3.

Web3, with its foundation in blockchain and focus on decentralization, has the potential to revolutionize how users engage with the crypto industry and technology on a global scale.

It is a game-changer for how we interact with online platforms, allowing for greater security, transparency, and control over our data.

Web3 is comprised of various components, which include:

  • Smart contracts: Self-executing contracts that can be programmed to execute when certain conditions are met automatically.
  • Decentralized applications (dApps): These are applications that run on a blockchain and can be accessed by anyone with an internet connection.
  • Decentralized finance (DeFi) is a revolutionary concept that harnesses the power of blockchain technology to provide users with secure, transparent, and reliable financial services.
  • Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO): A type of business entity that is decentralized and autonomous, meaning it can run without human intervention. Everyone involved in a DAO owns a portion of it through their exclusive crypto tokens.
  • None fungible tokens (NFTs): Unique tokens representing digital assets such as art, collectables, and real estate.

Of the many illustrious blockchain platforms available for Web3, Ethereum, TRON, EOS, and Binance Smart Chain stand out as the most popular.

Also: Take a look at the top web3 wallets available.

How to Invest in Web3?

To better understand Web3 investing, it is important first to grasp the difference between passive and active investment approaches.

To simplify the process, investing is usually categorized into two strategies – active and passive investments.

Passive vs Active in Web3

Passive investing is simply holding onto a cryptocurrency or token, while active investing involves actively participating in developing and growing a project or platform.

Active investing requires detailed research in web3 to select the best web3 projects, applications, and tokens for maximum returns. Moreover, constantly monitoring and managing these investments are essential for a better return on your investment.

Active Investing

1. Play to Earn with Games

cryowar blockchain game
Have you heard of CryoWar? It’s a multiplayer blockchain game that’s gaining popularity.

Explore the thrilling realm of play-to-earn and indulge in a one-of-a-kind gaming experience that grants you rewards in cryptocurrency or in-game assets just by playing and interacting with your preferred game!


Players can capitalize on Web3 games with cryptocurrency returns by staking their in-game assets, using them as collateral for a lucrative investment.


Numerous games allow players to obtain Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) by completing set tasks or achievements.

These tokens can then be sold on the open market for profit. Start your journey today and reap the rewards of NFT farming!


Gambling, an enticing activity for avid gamers, can be incorporated into gaming to allow players to wager in-game resources or cryptocurrency, depending on the results of specified contests and tournaments.


Unleash your gaming potential and compete in tournaments that reward the top players with cryptocurrency or sometimes even unique in-game digital assets! Web3 games offer a variety of exciting tournaments for you to take part in.

2. Work in web3

web3 jobs

There are plenty of job opportunities in the growing web3 ecosystem that provide attractive salaries and satisfying career paths.

Are you looking for a new and exciting experience? Have you considered delving into the dynamic realm of decentralized applications (dApps), smart contracts, and other web3-based projects?

It will take many talented individuals to accomplish what needs to be built in this area. In this rapidly developing field, you can find fresh opportunities to craft something innovative daily.

Job roles may include research analyst, product manager, or portfolio manager. Take advantage of this unique chance to make a real difference!

Projects need marketing and community-building experts to propel their endeavors and create robust communities.

Blockchain projects require product managers to craft, create, and monitor web3 products.

3. Airdrops

crypto airdrops

Web3 airdrops present a fantastic opportunity for users to receive tokens without cost. Plus, there are plenty of ways you can capitalize on these freebies and make money with Web3!

Participating in airdrops is as easy as it can be!

Usually, you only need to provide your email address and submit the cryptocurrency wallet address where you would like to receive your tokens.

Keeping selected digital currencies in your wallet can be an extremely beneficial tactic for those looking to reap the rewards and boost token flow.

Generally, this approach is favored by long-term holders who seek the highest returns on their investments.

Airdrops can be obtained by following the project on social media or referring friends. You could also take part in an ICO and receive bonus tokens!

4. Buy Land in the Metaverse

The Metaverse is a digital realm where individuals can own and work together on virtual assets such as land, buildings, and artwork.

Virtual Real Estate

The Metaverse is home to many virtual worlds and platforms, and many of these have virtual real estate marketplaces where users can buy and sell land.

Utilize the land you own for your financial benefit by constructing houses, businesses, or other structures!

These properties can then be leased to others who browse our inventory and generate revenue. You can also promote products or services through advertising and sponsorship.


Events such as live concerts, meetings, or gaming tournaments provide entertainment and can become profitable through ticket sales and sponsorships.

Hosting these events virtually allows a larger audience to participate in the festivities – giving you more chances to monetize your event!

5. Through DAOs

friends with benefits DAO
Friends with Benefits (FWB)

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) are transforming the decision-making process in communities by leveraging blockchain technology.

DAOs offer unprecedented transparency and efficiency in decision-making processes that open up new possibilities for collaboration between stakeholders.

Investing in DAOs

Becoming a member of a DAO can be an incredibly lucrative and rewarding opportunity for those interested in profiting from ownership. By investing your money into the organization, you will have access to its profits directly proportional to your investment.

Token Staking

If you are a platform member, you can stake your tokens and reap the rewards like voting rights free tokens or even gain access to a portion of profits.

Proposing and implementing new avenues of making money: Members can take the initiative to introduce ideas that could be profitable, like producing their product or offering a service.


Members can actively engage in the governance system. This could involve voting on plans, formulating new protocols, and earning incentives for their participation.

Earning a percentage of transaction fees: Some DAOs operate decentralized marketplaces or platforms, making a portion of the transaction fees generated by their transactions.

Passive Investing

6. Staking Crypto

binance exchange platform

Users participate in a consensus protocol such as Proof-of-Stake (PoS) by staking crypto in their wallets. This process allows them to confirm transactions and bolster the safety of the blockchain.

As a bonus, they can gain rewards while actively supporting this system!

Staking your cryptocurrency

Take advantage of your cryptocurrency and get rewarded for secure transactions! Staking your crypto is a great way to hold onto a certain amount in your wallet, enabling you to participate in the network’s staking process.

This opportunity grants you rewards for validating transactions and securing the entire network.

Maximize rewards by joining a staking pool.

Staking pools allow users to join their staking pools, combining their cryptocurrency with others and earning higher returns.

Staking as a service

Certain crypto exchanges, wallets, and other services offer users an effortless staking option.

Rather than creating their nodes, individuals can use these platforms to stake their digital assets and earn rewards – albeit at a small cost, as most service providers keep some of the earnings for themselves.

7. Farming Crypto

Farming is an innovative way to earn interest and rewards with your cryptocurrencies. This process involves locking up your digital assets for a fixed period.

With liquidity provision, you can earn passive income in the Web3 ecosystem by providing liquidity to a decentralized exchange (DEX). Users can deposit their tokens into a pool on the DEX and then earn a share of the trading fees generated from that pool.

Users can also earn high returns by providing liquidity to various pools of tokens on multiple platforms and borrowing other digital assets using their deposited tokens as collateral.

The interest paid on the borrowed digital assets is then distributed back to the pool liquidity providers.

8. NFT and Metaverse

openSea nft marketplace

Discover the potential of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), simple methods for creating passive income without breaking a sweat!

Creating and Selling

You can easily mint and sell your NFTs to collectors as an artist, musician, or creative.

If what you create resonates with others and draws attention from the public, your NFTs may increase over time – granting you a consistent revenue stream through sales royalties and appreciation!

The physical NFT, I believe, will be a big trend this year. The NFT has two parts on the blockchain: a physical one and a digital one.

Investing in NFTs is much like purchasing collectable artifacts or art; you can buy these creations from others, believing their value will increase as time passes.

Turn the mundane into something extraordinary with this creative opportunity.

Game Assets

NFTs are becoming increasingly popular for minting in-game assets like weapons, armor, collectables, etc.

These digital art assets can be bought and sold in the open market on different platforms, allowing creators to earn royalties and in-game money.

9. Web3 Stocks

The concept of web3 stocks is relatively new and refers to investing in companies involved in the web3 ecosystem or blockchain technology.

Investing in publicly traded companies

Some companies involved in the web3 ecosystem or blockchain technology, such as Nvidia, Coinbase, Square, Animoca brands, or MicroStrategy, have gone public.

Their stock can be purchased on traditional stock markets like NASDAQ or NYSE.

Investing in security token offerings (STOs)

STOs are similar to initial coin offerings (ICOs) but represent ownership in a company rather than a utility token. They are typically backed by real estate, artwork, or other investments.

Investors earn through dividends or appreciation in the value of the underlying assets.

10. Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies how to invest in web3

Of course, you can harness the power of cryptocurrencies to unlock an array of passive income opportunities in the Web3 ecosystem.


Investing in cryptocurrencies can be a smart move if you’re looking to boost your financial portfolio. Platforms like Celsius and Nexo allow users to deposit their digital assets and earn interest through competitive rates that often surpass those offered by traditional banks.


Participating in blockchain networks, like Ethereum 2.0, involves staking tokens to become part of the consensus process and benefit from rewards.

Running a Masternode

Blockchain networks such as Dash and PIVX can be rewarded using master nodes. A master node is a server that holds a complete copy of the ledger, allowing it to operate the network sustainably.

It is worth saying that a master node requires an immense amount of the network’s cryptocurrency and power, yet in exchange for this investment, the operator earns a slice from all block rewards.

11. Crypto Lending Platforms

Binance is the largest platform for trading cryptocurrency globally.

One way to generate a steady stream of passive income is through crypto lending platforms like Binance. By offering your coins to other users for a fixed interest rate, you can make an easy profit without ever leaving the comfort of your home.

Crypto Lending is rapidly becoming one of the most popular ways to turn crypto holdings into tangible wealth.

P2P Lending

With P2P lending, you can benefit from higher yields with platforms like NEXO and Celsius. These lenders increasingly profit from deposited funds by lending their digital assets to other users.

At the same time, borrowers enjoy low interest rates for activities like margin trading or purchasing assets – an excellent opportunity to move your crypto investments forward!

Lending on a decentralized lending platform

Various platforms, such as Aave, Compound, Nexo, CoinRabbit, and dYdX, allow for direct lending and borrowing of cryptocurrencies on the blockchain.

Smart contracts automate lending transactions and determine interest rates based on supply-demand dynamics.

Some places that hold money will accept cryptocurrency as a deposit. They use the deposited funds to trade or invest in other crypto assets, generating returns shared with the depositors in the form of interest.

Wrap Up

Exploring the realm of Web 3 and digital assets can be an exhilarating experience, offering significant rewards if approached with care and precision.

Before proceeding with your investment journey, it’s important to investigate the available projects and platforms thoroughly. This will help you make an informed decision about where to put your money.

Doing this will not only promote smart investing but can also maximize potential returns on investments!

Furthermore, staying abreast with the most recent advancements in Web 3 will ensure that your investments remain lucrative.

Investing in digital assets associated with this type of technology comes with certain risks.

Yet, if you take measures and practice caution, those can be avoided while earning great returns!

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