Ever wonder what’s happening inside your body while you sleep? Are you curious about how your daily activities impact your overall health?

The Oura Ring promises to unlock a treasure trove of insights into your well-being, boasting advanced sleep tracking, fitness monitoring, and personalized health guidance.

But does it live up to the hype?

Let’s find out!

Why Should You Care About My Oura Ring Review?

  • Real Experience: I’ve been using Oura ring for over a year.

  • No Fluff: Just straight-up, honest insights. No jargon, no nonsense.

  • Your Time-Saver: Don’t waste hours researching. I’ve done the legwork for you. (If I missed something, let me know)

My Oura Ring

Here is how my ring looks after over a year of use. There are some scratches. 😉

With that said.

In this comprehensive Oura Ring review, I give my take on this piece of tech. I will not leave any stone unturned.

Whether you’re a seasoned athlete seeking to optimize performance or improve your sleep quality, this review will equip you with the knowledge to decide if the Oura Ring is the right fit for your health journey.

Ready to get in the back seat and let me show you what this ring can or can’t do?

Let’s dive in!

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Quick Verdict

Is Oura Ring worth buying?


But, and there’s always a but, it boils down to your individual needs and budget.

Here’s the scoop: I’m a fan. Why? It’s compact, boasts fantastic features, and, let’s face it, it looks darn good.

Sure, like any tech marvel, it has flaws, but for me, the pros tip the scales in its favor. It’s not just a ring; it’s an investment in your well-being.

Here Are The Key Selling points:

  • Accurate Health Insights: The Oura Ring gives personalized health insights with daily Sleep, Readiness, and Activity scores. It accurately tracks heart rate variability, blood oxygen rate, body temperature, and sleep duration.

  • Advanced Sensor Tech: The ring uses advanced sensors to accurately monitor heart rate, variability, temperature, activity, and sleep by measuring data directly from the arteries in your fingers.

  • Comfort and Wearability: Compared to bulkier smartwatches or fitness bands, the Oura Ring’s sleek and compact design allows for comfy and inconspicuous daily wear.

You need to figure out your goal of having a fitness tracker.

Keep reading to see if Oura ring is the right one for you.

Who is it for?

This is for those who want discreet and stylish wearables that track everything from sleep patterns to stress levels. You can be the average office worker or the avid runner, but also for those who want to get more active and create a healthier lifestyle.

I already knew that eating before bedtime is not so good, but I realized that it was clear when you saw the heart takes longer to slow down because you ate too close to bedtime.

Want to know more?

Keep scrolling.

What is Oura Ring?

Oura Ring official homepage

Oura Ring is not just any piece of jewelry – it’s a smart ring, a fitness guide, a stress fighter, and your personal health meter, all in one stylish package.

Made from durable titanium, the ring isn’t just a fashion accessory – it’s also a powerhouse of health information.

You have advanced sensor technology at your fingertips. The Oura Ring takes place in the world of wearable devices, offering personalized insights on sleep, heart rate, activity levels, and even keeping track of your overall health. It’s like having a health guru right on your finger!

The ring is lightweight, water-resistant, and integrates with various apps for a comprehensive health-tracking experience.

The Oura Ring is the perfect blend of intelligence, beauty, and health awareness. It’s not just a ring; it’s your ticket to a smarter and healthier person.

Who Created Orua Ring?

The Oura ring was created by Oura Health, my neighbor, a Finland-based health technology company founded by Petteri Lahtela, Kari Kivelä, and Markku Koskela.

The company was launched in 2013 and has since become a significant player in the wearable technology market.

Top Benefits of Oura Ring

  • Accurate Health Information: Get ready for the real deal! The Oura Ring is not messing around when it comes to health data. It’s a precision tool, providing spot-on information that’s not just for the experts—it’s for everyone. Dive into detailed sleep, stress, fitness, and overall well-being insights.

  • Tailored Insights for You: One size fits all? Not with the Oura Ring! Brace yourself for a personalized health experience. It caters specifically to your needs, offering insights on sleep patterns, heart rate variations, activity levels, and stress indicators, and even keeps an eye on potential illnesses. It’s like having a health companion crafted just for you.

  • Keeping an Eye on the Long-Term: Let’s talk sustainability. The Oura Ring isn’t just about the now; it’s about the long game. Stay informed about trends in crucial health markers like heart rate variability and resting heart rate. It’s your partner in crime for the marathon of health.

  • Sweet Dreams, Quality Sleep: Experience improved sleep quality and unlock the secrets to long-term health markers. Sweet dreams, indeed!

  • Stylish and Comfortable Design: Fashion and comfort? The Oura Ring nails both. Crafted from durable titanium, it’s a lightweight, water-resistant dream. Feel at ease wearing it day and night without discomfort because health tracking should look good on you.

  • Advanced Sensor Technology: Get ready for a health journey powered by tech brilliance. The Oura Ring doesn’t just sit pretty; it’s equipped with advanced sensor technology. Infrared LED lights and cutting-edge algorithms dive deep into your body’s internal changes—think heart rate, temperature, and sleep stages.

Best Features of Oura Ring

The Oura Ring stands out for its innovative features that cater to health-conscious individuals seeking comprehensive insights into their well-being.

1. Sleep Tracking

The ring provides detailed sleep tracking data, including sleep stages, quality, and insights to improve sleep patterns, helping users understand and optimize their rest.

2. Heart Rate Monitoring

With continuous heart rate and blood oxygen monitoring throughout, the Oura Ring offers insights into heart health, stress, blood oxygen levels used, and overall fitness, empowering users to make informed decisions about their well-being.

3. Activity Tracking

It tracks daily activity levels, calories burned, and steps taken, encouraging users to stay active and maintain a healthy lifestyle by setting personalized activity goals.

4. Temperature Monitoring

The ring monitors body and skin temperature variations throughout the day, providing valuable information on overall health and potential illness detection.

5. Health Trends Analysis

By analyzing trends in key health markers like heart rate variability and resting heart rate over time, the Oura Ring helps users track their progress and make informed decisions about their health goals.

Oura Ring Pricing

Oura ring pricing

The pricing of the Oura Ring (third generation Oura Ring) varies based on the model and membership options:

  • Gen3 Heritage Silver: Priced at $350, with a monthly membership fee of $5.99 for continued access to features.

  • Gen3 Horizon: Starting at $433, with a monthly membership fee of $5.99 after the initial six months included in the purchase price.

  • Membership: After the initial six months included with the ring purchase, there is a monthly membership fee of $5.99 to access most of the app’s features.

  • Additional Costs: The ring may range from $299 to $549 depending on the style and finish, with additional monthly membership dues.

The Oura Ring offers a range of pricing options to suit different preferences and needs, ensuring users can access its health-tracking features effectively.

Oura Ring Pros and Cons

Okay, it’s time to go deeper and see what’s bad and what could be something to look out for.

The Good Stuff About Oura Ring

Stylish Design

I might not be a jewelry expert, but dang, the design of the Oura Ring is a showstopper! With two sleek designs and an array of colors, it beats traditional fitness bracelets in comfort and appeal. It’s discreet and stylish—a winning combo!

Accurate Health Tracking

Precision matters, and the Oura Ring delivers. It provides accurate health insights, a treasure trove for understanding sleep, stress, and overall health. It’s like having a personal health guru on your finger.

Long-Term Health Monitoring

The Oura Ring is a game-changer for the health-conscious. It keeps you in the loop about trends in crucial health markers like heart rate variability and resting heart rate. It’s not just a tracker; it’s your health ally.


Who needs a watch when you can have a ring? The Oura Ring excels in sleep tracking, making bedtime a breeze. Comfortable and effective—sleep tracking at its best.

The Oura App

A well-designed app that’s smooth as butter. No hiccups here! And the excitement doesn’t stop—they keep adding new features. It’s like the app is on a mission to make your health journey even more awesome.

What to Watch Out for with Oura Ring

Limited Activity Tracking

Here’s the catch—the ring’s activity tracking relies on an accelerometer. While it’s solid for many activities, it might fall short of comprehensive weight training or yoga data. Keep that in mind, fitness fanatics!

Not Ideal for Athletes

The Oura Ring can be a bit sensitive as much as we love it. Be cautious in the kitchen or gym—scratches can happen easily. It might not be the ideal companion for intense exercises like weightlifting, where it could get in the way.

Scratches and Physical Activities Interference

As much as we love it, the Oura Ring can be a bit sensitive. Be cautious in the kitchen or gym—scratches can happen easily. It might not be the ideal companion for intense exercises like weightlifting, where it could get in the way.

Battery life

Let’s talk longevity. The concern here is the battery—it’s not replaceable. Once you invest, that’s it. No upgrades, no swaps. It’s a commitment. So, how long will it last? Something to ponder before diving into the Oura Ring world.


There are Oura ring protection to avoid scratches but then again whats the point of having a good looking design ring.

Oura Ring Alternatives

Here are some alternatives to Oura Ring.

  • Whoop

  • Ultrahuman Ring Air

  • Amovan Smart Ring

  • Apple Watch

My Personal Experience With Oura Ring: Results Achieved With Oura Ring

Let’s chat about my year-long fling with the Oura Ring – no fancy stats, just my laid-back thoughts.

There are both upsides and downsides, instead of going into the statistics and science stuff I want to give you my perspective of this device.

This tiny, sleek device sat snugly on my finger, quietly unraveling the mysteries of my body.

To begin with, I was very skeptical. Should I go for a ring, a watch or a bracelet?

It had to be a ring because I wanted it stripped down and minimalist but still something nice.

So, I was diving headfirst into the world of wearable tech, skeptical yet curious.

Using the Oura Ring

Here are some insights from me using it.

Order the ring

When ordering the Ora ring, you can get a size kit beforehand if you are unsure what you have. As with most rings, it’s all about finding your size. It’s not one size fits all; you get eight different sizes to try on, ensuring your ring fits perfectly on your finger.

Finding the right size might be a little tricky, but fear not.

I spent a good 24 hours with the plastic sizing ring, and let me tell you, it’s time well spent, especially if you’re not accustomed to wearing rings. Once you nail down the size, the real deal arrives swiftly with no fuss.

When I first saw this ring, I was impressed by its durability, given its small size and the advanced technology it contains.

My primary intention for this ring is to monitor my sleep and activity throughout the day.

Daily Use: From Uncomfortable to Unmissable

Now, let’s talk about daily wear. I must confess that I wasn’t accustomed to wearing rings. The initial days were a tad uncomfortable. But, like any good relationship, it evolved.

After a week or so, the Oura Ring became a seamless part of me.

It’s a constant, except when it’s on a charging break. I even feel a bit naked without it now.

Sure, there are moments when I take it off—during culinary adventures, in the shower (it tends to be a bit slippery), and when pumping iron at the gym to avoid potential damage. Other than that, it’s practically glued to my finger.

It’s become more than a tech accessory; it’s a part of my daily routine.

The Oura App and its functionalities

The app is a monthly subscription model b

The Oura ring promised insights into my sleep habits, activity, and overall well-being. Intrigued, I slipped it on, and the adventure began.

It’s clean and easy to navigate. I haven’t had any problems syncing the ring or anything like that.

Well built!

Also positive is that it is expanding functions all the time. For example, it has added fitness tracking for Daytime stress and resilience.


To ensure a longer battery life, it is recommended that you charge your device’s battery when it reaches 30%.

Sleep Tracking

Oura ring Sleep Tracking

The Oura ring also turned my nights into a treasure trove of sleep data. Tracking my sleep patterns opened my eyes to the importance of those silent hours – a crucial piece in the puzzle of vitality and health.

The sleep score gave me a good indication of the night. But sometimes I feel tired, and even though I get a high sleep score, I think because I have kids and have to wake up in a short time, like 5-10 minutes, it does not affect the sleep data as much, but I can feel it the day after even tough the readiness score was up.

If you sleep badly, will Oura ring change that?

No, but you could get some hints on how to improve it.

Sleep is not just something you say; we all know how important it is; it’s a game-changer for productivity, mood, and overall health.

I slowly began with naps when my sleep score was low. Sometimes, I feel I need one, but other times, I do it anyway.

Sometimes, it is obvious that you feel it yourself when you see a bad sleep score. However, the underlying data is interesting, such as data collected on how much REM sleep, Deep sleep, and heart rate variability there is.


As I continued my day, the Oura ring transformed into my personal activity wizard.

It measured my steps, assessed my heart rate, and nudged me when I needed to shake a leg. This little wizard made me see movement not just as a calorie-burning affair but as a daily celebration of life.

Oura Ring was consistently spot on in identifying what kind of sleep and activity data analysis I was performing during

Plot twist: Exercise became less about fitness trackers about numbers and more about feeling alive. The Oura ring wasn’t just tracking steps; it was unlocking the magic of movement.

Body Insights

Oura ring Daytime stress

Beyond sleep and activity, the Oura ring delved into the mystical realm of readiness and recovery.

It was about readiness; sleep and activity weren’t just about counting hours; it was about understanding when my body was a powerhouse ready to conquer dragons or a weary knight needing rest mode and respite.

I can see the stress factor I mentioned earlier, such as having kids, picking up the kids, and working.

Epiphany alert: Listening to my body became a superpower. The ring became a silent mentor, teaching me to honor rest as much as hustle.

The Value Unveiled

Through this tech-infused journey, I learned a profound truth: self-awareness is the compass guiding us through the maze of life. The Oura ring wasn’t just a gadget; it was my digital ally in the quest for holistic well-being.

What I like about the Oura Ring

Let me tell you why I am so fond of the Oura Ring.

First off, can we talk about its sleek design? This little tech wizard snugly sits on my finger, effortlessly blending in with my jewelry game. It’s so chic that you’d hardly notice it’s as thin as your regular ring.

Style points? Nailed it!

Now, let’s dive into the real MVP—the sleep and activity tracker.

Epic is an understatement!

The Oura app, my wellness BFF, is always at my fingertips, quite literally. Thanks to its impressive 4-5 day battery life, I can bid adieu to frequent charging pitstops. Who needs those, right?

And oh, it’s mind-reading abilities during runs or cycling! It senses my every move like a fitness spirit, ensuring a glitch-free health journey.

No interference, just smooth sailing.

But here’s the kicker—the third-gen sensor. It’s practically a sleep guru on my finger. The improvements in deep sleep and monitoring are mind-blowing. It’s like having a personal sleep consultant!

And brace yourself for this—people stop me, intrigued by the beauty on my finger. Little do they know, it’s not just jewelry; it’s my secret health weapon. Their jaws hit the floor when I spill the beans.

So, what’s the bottom line? The Oura Ring isn’t just a tech gadget; it’s an elegant powerhouse that not only makes heads turn but also keeps me at the top of my game.

Key takeaway?

Investing in self-awareness pays off big in energy, focus, and joy. The Oura Ring has been my trusty sidekick, a reminder that real wealth is health. Yes, it has its cons, like it can get easily scratched and has a high price tag.

Conclusion: Should You Buy Oura Ring?

Alright, my friend, let’s sum it up. We’ve dived into the nitty-gritty of this tech marvel, weighing its pros and cons.

Now, the million-dollar question is: Is the Oura Ring the right fit for you?

If you’re all about having a screen to monitor your runs or dream of answering calls on your wrist, maybe a smartwatch is your ticket.

For the gym buffs and weightlifting champs out there, a wristband could be your perfect match.

But here’s the kicker—it all boils down to your needs and desires.

Suppose you’re an average exerciser, keen on keeping tabs on your sleep and workouts while maintaining a stylish edge without being too engulfed in the digital realm.

In that case, my friend, the Oura Ring might just be your golden ticket!

So, what’s it gonna be?

Choose wisely, and let your tech companion align seamlessly with your lifestyle!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Oura worth it?

After using it several weeks ago, I didn’t realize the difference until I started wearing it a few months ago. Even though Oura comes with an extra hefty price tag, I couldn’t be happier with its effectiveness in improving my overall health.

Is Oura Ring useless without a subscription?

Oura Ring Gen 3 has limited functionality without membership. You can also view our scores on our mobile apps and a list of the ring battery. The only subscription is the Oura Ring Generation 3. App.

Does Oura Ring have a monthly fee?

First month, with you!! Explore the Oura Membership experience to discover how it deepens your health journey. You can now use our Oura Ring for $599 a month*.

What is Oura Ring best for?

The Oura Ring is best known for being a sleep tracker that provides detailed data on sleep patterns and quality. It is praised for its improved sleep-tracking accuracy, easy-to-read data, stylish design, lightweight feel, and comfort.

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