Hey there, I’m Kristoffer...

But you can call me Kris!

With a System Science degree and over a decade of experience solving IT problems, I have gained a deep understanding of how technology shapes our world.

I’m fired up about diving into the crossroads of tech, business, and personal growth. I enjoy sharing my experiences through writing, whether it’s about NFTs, Web3 gaming, or AI.

Ready to dive deeper into my world? Scroll on to discover who I am, my quirks, and what makes me tick!

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My Story and Who I Am

I’m a father of two, an IT consultant, and founder of Thun Land.

I’m a relentless optimist who firmly adheres to the principles of a growth mindset. I’m a cheerful, adventurous spirit, always eager and open to learning new things, assisting others, and maintaining a positive outlook.

This inherent curiosity and enthusiasm led me into the tech industry over a decade ago and further steered me into the intriguing world of online business.

I first saw the world on a snowy, chilly night in January 1985 in Gothenburg, Sweden. I grew up in a loving middle-class family on the outskirts of Sweden’s second-largest city, surrounded by nature and pastoral charm.

As the eldest of three siblings, my childhood was filled with outdoor activities and frequent visits to my nearby grandparents. A steady foundation of love and joy marked the initial stages of my life.

In those days, football (soccer) was my ultimate passion. I was just six when I first hit the football pitch, a hobby I continued until injuries got the better of me at 17. Though I experimented with other sports like hockey, tennis, and judo, the traditional academic environment didn’t resonate.

I often struggled with the regimented school system and questioned the relevance of certain subjects. However, my bond with my siblings remained uplifting throughout my school years.

Journey Through My Teens: High School and Beyond

As my teenage years unfolded, so did high school, which turned out to be a challenging period. Being introverted and battling low self-esteem, I mostly found myself alone. The rare instances of inclusion felt more like acts of sympathy than genuine companionship.

To escape, I’d retreat to the basement of my house, where long nights were spent watching movies and playing computer games with my brother, our rooms separated only by a thin wall.

These activities became my refuge from school and soccer.

The post-high school phase was a time of uncertainty. Like most teens, I was unsure of my future and kept afloat with various jobs while indulging in parties frequently.

My work ranged from forklift driving in a warehouse to a stint as a chef, owing to my high school focus on hotel and restaurant management. During this phase, my friends introduced me to LAN gaming.

This ignited my interest in computers, revealing a talent that I found surprisingly natural.

How a Twist of Fate Catapulted Me into the Thrilling World of IT

Inspired by my newfound passion, I decided to dive into IT. Recognizing it as not only a lucrative field but also the future, I moved to another city and spent two years studying IT.

During this period, I fell in love and moved back to Gothenburg, securing a job as an IT technician.

I found myself in a stimulating environment, surrounded by ambitious people, which pushed me to learn and grow.

The newfound social circle led to us playing floorball together, which was immensely fun. Around this time, I was motivated to further my education. With my girlfriend’s help in improving my math skills, I prepared for a year to apply for university.

Finally, after tireless efforts, I was accepted into a University program for Systems Science with remote learning. This path provided me with the opportunity to explore my curiosity about technology.

It led me to a career in IT, where the intersection of people and technology was at the heart of my work.

The Soul-Searching Quest That Led Me to Online Stardom

In my 30s, I experienced significant life changes: breaking up with my girlfriend and distancing myself from friends. I found myself questioning my life and exploring various beliefs and opportunities.

I delved into online business, marketing, and self-discovery. During this introspective phase, I embarked on a journey of self-discovery.

As I embarked on this journey, I took a break and ventured into Kenya and Tanzania.

I dedicated ten days to volunteering for marine life conservation in Kenya and then headed to Tanzania to conquer Mount Kilimanjaro. I ended this adventurous trip with a solo diving excursion in the Red Sea.

This period was a refreshing change and allowed me to introspect more deeply.

kristoffer thun kilimanjaro

Stepping into the World of Online Business

After the thrilling journey, I started exploring the world of online business. I created a Shopify website and ventured into drop shipping.

Despite putting together content and a logo, I realized the importance of marketing skills.

My quest led me to a platform that promised to teach me about online businesses. However, a major setback hit when the company abruptly shut down only a few months later.

Despite the disappointment, I refused to be disheartened and continued exploring other possibilities, firmly believing there was more for me.

kristoffer thun and daughter sweden

A New Beginning: Love and Fatherhood

As my professional journey progressed, I encountered a new personal beginning. I met my current girlfriend, and life took an exciting turn.

Two years later, I experienced one of the most remarkable moments of my life – I became a father.

This changed my life drastically, as I now had a new responsibility and a different perspective on life.

My personal needs took a back seat, and my focus shifted to guiding and helping my kids in the best possible way.

Learning and Growing in Online Business

During this transformative time, I enrolled in another online business program. I delved into marketing concepts like customer avatars, paid video marketing, funnels, and website building. I was also part of a supportive community of like-minded people.

My IT background was helpful during this journey, and I discovered numerous opportunities.

My passion for technology, marketing, and online business had always been present, but I had struggled to find a way to synergize them.

This realization led to the inception of this blog, a side venture that complements my IT career. 

This blog aims to share my journey, learnings, and perspectives with others who may be treading a similar path.

This is me – a father, an IT consultant, a learner, and an explorer. The journey has been filled with highs and lows, but each experience has shaped me into who I am today. 

So, join me on this exciting journey!