Need a boost in your work or business? Enter the world of AI tools – it’s vast and brimming with options.

The challenge? Sifting through this tech explosion to find the real gems.

Don’t sweat it; I’ve got you covered with my top AI tool picks, neatly sorted for easy browsing.

Check this: Zion Market Research predicts that the global artificial intelligence industry will grow from $59.7 billion in 2021 to $422.4 billion by 2028.

Despite the pros and cons of AI technology, it’s here to stay and is revolutionizing how we work and do business.

One thing is sure: How you talk to your AI will be one of the most highly rated skills from now on.

Ready to dive in? Let’s roll!

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Why is AI Important for Your Business?

As a business owner, you’re constantly juggling countless responsibilities. What if there was a solution that could anticipate your customers’ desires, simplify mundane duties, and offer guidance on important decisions?

Enter AI. This technology serves as your clairvoyant but with even more impressive capabilities.

AI Tools to Use in Your Business

Here are my top picks for AI tools.

AI Chat & Search

1. Open AI ChatGpt

Open AI, ChatGpt

A revolutionary AI conversational tool. There is a free and paid plan ($20/month). The new ChatGpt4 is already been released. With the ChatGpt plugins like AIPRM Premium for ChatGpt Prompts, you have many ready prompts to create what you need.

For AIPRM, there is a free plan as well as a paid plan. There are also chatgpt4 plugins such as Webpilot, Spotify, and Zapier.

2. Bing Search

New Bing is an AI-powered feature where you, similar to ChatGpt, can ask complex questions, and Bing will give the best possible answer.

AI Tools for IT Department

In the IT department, tons of tools and software can help businesses stay on top.

With the fourth industrial revolution underway, businesses must use new technologies to remain competitive, and AI is one of them.

3. Akkio – No code AI


Akkio is a tool that allows businesses to quickly create AI solutions without coding experience.

Using machine learning algorithms, Akkio can automate sales, marketing, and finance tasks. This saves businesses time and money and allows them to focus on more important things.

4. Dynatrace – AI DevOps and CI/CD


Dynatrace is an AIOps tool that helps businesses automate their software development process.

By using machine learning, Dynatrace can automatically detect and fix problems in the software development process. This saves businesses time and money and helps them avoid potential problems in the future.

5. Tableau AI – Data analytics

Tableau AI – Data Analytics

A well-established data analysis and data visualization company. Tableau AI solutions can automate tasks in business intelligence, such as data collection, analysis, and reporting. BI is a process of using data to make better decisions about business operations.

Data visualization software platforms like Tableau AI offer AI-powered solutions for business intelligence to make smarter decisions.

AI Website and Apps Builder

6. Hojtar – Website Behavior Analytics Tools

Hojtar is a website heatmap tool using AI to track user behavior. This information can be used to improve the user experience on a website and make other business decisions.

7. Wix ADI – Website Builder


Wix ADI is a website builder that uses artificial intelligence to create websites. It asks you questions about your business and then makes a custom website.

You can also use Wix ADI to create a blog or an online store. The best part about Wix ADI is its cheap and easy use.

Also: Find out which tools you can use to build apps without coding.

AI Tools For Productivity

There are various AI tools and software for project management and consultants.

The demand for organizing, managing, and executing projects is always high. We often must juggle different tasks, resources, and team members to complete the job.

8. Asana – Project management


Asana is a project management tool that uses artificial intelligence to help businesses with their projects. It automatically assigns tasks to the appropriate team members and keeps track of project progress.

9. Timely – Time tracking with AI

Timely is a time-tracking tool that uses artificial intelligence to help businesses track their time. It automatically records your time on tasks and projects and produces reports showing how you use it.

Timely can also track billable hours to see how much time you spend on billable projects.

10. Arya – AI Recruiting Software

Arya is a tool that uses artificial intelligence to help businesses recruit. It automatically screens resumes and job applications to find the best candidates for a job.

Arya also makes it easy to track the progress of your recruitment process and see which candidates are the best fit for a job.

11. Tara – AI Productivity tool

Tara is a productivity tool that uses artificial intelligence to help businesses improve their productivity. It automatically tracks your time on tasks and produces reports showing where you are wasting time. It speeds up the development process. Loved by high-performing teams.

12. SmartTask

SmartTask – All in one

SmartTask has everything in one place with an AI-powered task management tool that helps businesses automate their task management, project management, and CRM. i. It can be used to create and manage tasks, as well as to track the progress of tasks.

SmartTask also offers a range of features that make collaborating with team members on tasks easy.

13. Beautiful AI – Presentation Tool

Beautiful AI is a presentation tool that uses artificial intelligence to design presentations. It offers templates developed using AI, and you can customize these templates to create your unique presentations.

Beautiful AI also has features that allow you to collaborate with team members on presentations and share them with clients or customers.

14. Taplio – LinkedIn tool

Unleash the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with Taplio to take your LinkedIn content to the next level.

AI isn’t just smart – it’s creative. It can spark fresh ideas for your next big post and help you craft content with ‘viral’ written all over it.

Get ready to make some noise on LinkedIn with AI as your wingman!

AI Tools for Personal Use

Personal AI tools can help you manage time, invest money, stay organized, and have fun.

15. Aithena – AI Forex Trading

Aithena is a tool that uses artificial intelligence to automate forex trading. It analyzes market data and makes trades based on the data.

Aithena is an excellent tool for people who want to make money in the forex market without doing any work. See my review of Aithena here.

16. Stoic – AI Crypto Bot

Stoic AI

Stoic is a tool that uses artificial intelligence to automate cryptocurrency trading. It analyzes market data and makes trades based on the data.

16. Alethea – iNFT

iNFT is an artificial intelligence tool used to create and deploy neural networks. iNFT can be used for various tasks, such as image recognition, facial recognition, and natural language processing. Sites like offer iNFT as a service.

17. QickDraw -Addictive drawing

QuickDraw – Google AI

Doodling with an AI tool from Google called Quick, Draw! It is an addictive game where a neural network tries to guess what you’re drawing.

Have some fun!

AI Tools For Design and Creativity

18. Soundraw – AI music generator

Soundraw is one such tool. It’s an AI platform that enables you to create music by selecting what type of music you want, genre, tempo, mood, instrument, and more.

The great thing about Soundraw is that it uses machine learning to improve the quality of its music. So, the more you use it, the better it gets.

If you’re looking for a tool to help you create new and exciting music, Soundraw is worth checking out.

19. MidJourney – AI Art generator

midjourney by kristoffer thun futuristic-city-at-night
Midjourney generated art

MidJourney is a premier AI art generator, showcasing exceptional capabilities that few others can match. This awe-inspiring text-to-image AI tool can transform any idea into a visually stunning masterpiece, limited only by the imagination of its users.

The sheer complexity and sophistication of MidJourney’s algorithms are nothing short of remarkable.

With its unparalleled ability to generate lifelike images from mere text input, MidJourney represents a breakthrough in AI art generation.

Also: Want to learn more about Midjourney? Check out my guide.

20. InVideo – AI video generator

InVideo’s AI video generator is the perfect tool for anyone looking to create professional-grade videos quickly and efficiently.

With InVideo, you can access a library of 5000+ templates, transitions, and effects powered by machine learning to create your video confidently. Whether you’re a skilled video creator or just getting started, InVideo has the tools you need to succeed.

21. Wisecut – AI Video Editor


If you’re looking for a way to create impactful, short video content, Wisecut is the perfect tool for you. Wisecut automatically cuts down your videos using machine learning to create punchy, attention-grabbing clips.

You can add music and subtitles and even use facial recognition to ensure your videos are reframed perfectly. And because Wisecut integrates with all the major social media platforms, you can easily share your videos on YouTube Shorts, TikTok, and Instagram Reels or use them as social ads or teasers.

22. Synthesys- AI voice generator


Synthesys is a tool that uses artificial intelligence to generate authentic human voices. It can be used for various tasks, such as creating voice-overs for videos, generating humanlike speech for chatbots, and more.

Synthesys voices are based on deep learning, making them natural and realistic.

23. Jasper Art – AI image generator

Jasper Art

Jasper Art is a tool that uses artificial intelligence to generate images in seconds. It can be used for various tasks, such as creating website backgrounds, generating e-commerce product images, etc. Jasper Art’s AI engine is based on deep learning, meaning it can create realistic images.

24. Looka – AI Logo Design

If you’re looking for a tool to help you create professional-looking logos quickly and easily, then Looka is a perfect choice. It is a data visualization software platform that uses machine learning to generate custom logo designs based on your brand identity.

All you need to do is enter some information about your business, and Looka will generate dozens of unique logo designs for you to choose from. It’s an excellent tool for anyone looking to create a logo quickly and easily.

25. Stability AI – Text to Image Generator

Stability Ai is an exciting open-source project that uses artificial intelligence to generate images from text. It can be used for various tasks, such as creating website banners, generating product images, etc.

But they are also building other AI tools.

Stability AI’s AI engine is based on deep learning, meaning it can create realistic images from text descriptions in 8 seconds.

This makes it an ideal tool for anyone looking to generate images from text quickly and easily.

AI Writing Tools

26. Jasper – AI writing assistant

Jasper AI has been assisting writers for a long time and is one of the most popular AI tools for writing. Jasper can help you with your grammar, spelling, and style.

It’s used by businesses, bloggers, students, and many professionals.

27. Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO homepage

I’ve been rocking Surfer SEO for a year now, and guess what? It’s a game-changer. My articles? Some of them are chilling on Google’s first page. If you’re crafting content for Google and your readers, you’ve gotta have Surfer SEO in your arsenal.

Trust me, it’s a game-changer.

28. Content At Scale – Long-Form Blog Content

Content at Scale is an impressive way to create high-quality content efficiently using AI technology, automation, and data-driven insights. It generates entire blog posts with optimized SEO elements in minutes.

Want to learn more? Read my full review.

29. Grammarly – AI grammar assistant

Have you ever tried Grammarly? Thanks to AI, it’s like having a grammar guru in your pocket. It is not just for grammar checks, but it nails spelling and style, too.

And guess what? They’ve recently added rephrasing and AI chat.

It’s a total game-changer and one of my all-time faves!

31. Deepl – AI translation

Deepl is a tool that uses artificial intelligence to translate texts from one language to another. It is an excellent tool for writers who want to reach a wider audience.

32. Otter – AI Transcription Software is a tool that uses artificial intelligence to transcribe audio files. It is an excellent tool for students and professionals who must transcribe interviews, lectures, and other audio files.

Otter is also an excellent tool for people who want to create transcripts of audio files.

That’s a Wrap

Think of AI as your secret weapon in business. It’s not just about zapping those tedious tasks or getting things pixel-perfect. AI is the key to unlocking new cash flows while trimming down costs.

Sure, it’s a mix of ups and downs, but that’s the beauty of change.

Dive in, get the lowdown on how it ticks, and use it to your advantage.

Want to outpace the competition? AI’s your ticket. Invest in it, and watch your business soar!


What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a branch of computer science that creates intelligent machines that work and react like humans.
In other words, AI is the ability of a computer to learn and understand things and make decisions on its own.

AI is not a new concept – it has been around for centuries. The term “artificial intelligence” was first coined in 1956 by computer scientist John McCarthy.

But it was only in recent years that AI has become mainstream, thanks to the rapid development of technology. You can read more about AI and other tech trends here.

What Are Artificial Intelligence Tools?

AI tools are software applications that use artificial intelligence to automate tasks. AI tools can be used for various functions, such as data analysis, content creation, art, music, and website design.

How to Choose AI Tools to Simplify Work And Save Time

By leveraging AI tools, you can automate the mundane and repetitive tasks that usually waste your time. Doing so will give you more opportunities to work on projects that truly matter.

Step 1: Identify the tasks that can be automated
The first step to starting with AI tools to automate your daily tasks is recognizing which duties can be automated.
Are you responsible for data entry, scheduling activities, email management, design projects, or writing? Knowing what jobs are the best fit for automation allows you to concentrate on responsibilities that need your specific attention and capabilities.

Step 2: Choose the right AI tools for your needs
After identifying which tasks are suitable for automation, it’s time to find the perfect AI tools tailored to your requirements. With a great selection of AI tools(some of them are in this list) available nowadays – including chatbots, writing and art AIs, personal assistants, and data analysis software – there is certainly something out there that fits your needs.

Don’t hesitate to explore the list below to gain more insight into each tool’s distinct features and advantages!

Step 3: Set up and configure your AI tools
After selecting the most appropriate AI tools, it’s time to get them working for you. Depending on your choice, setting up and configuring these might require creating accounts, installing applications, and adjusting parameters according to your requirements. Now is when the real benefit of utilizing this technology can start!

Step 4: Train your AI tools
Once your AI tools are set up and configured, it’s time to train them to perform the tasks you want them to. This process involves providing the AI tools with examples of the tasks you want them to perform and any additional instructions or guidelines. 
By providing your AI tools with the necessary training, you can ensure they will perform the tasks accurately and efficiently.

Step 5: Monitor and optimize your AI tools
After your AI technologies have been carefully trained and equipped to go, it is paramount that you monitor their execution to maximize potential. This could include tweaking the settings, offering supplementary training, or using data analysis tools to pinpoint areas for further improvement.

By monitoring and optimizing your AI tools, you can ensure they perform at their best and save you as much time as possible.

Why is AI important for your business?

If you’re not using artificial intelligence in your business, you’re likely falling behind your competitors. AI can help automate tasks, saving time and money. AI can also help businesses make better decisions by providing insights that would not be possible with traditional methods.

Here are just a few of the ways AI can benefit your business: 

Increasing revenue: AI can help you identify new opportunities for revenue generation that you might have otherwise missed. 
Scalability: AI can help you scale your operations more effectively, allowing you to grow without sacrificing quality or efficiency. 
Reducing human error: By automating tasks and decision-making processes, you can reduce the chances of human error and improve accuracy. 
Cost savings: Automating tasks with AI can help you save on labor costs and improve efficiency and productivity. 

Don’t miss out on the benefits of AI – start incorporating artificial intelligence tools into your business today.

What are the four types of AI?

Reactive Machines: These AI systems respond in real-time according to predefined instructions and protocols, possessing no memory or capacity to gain knowledge from past events.

Limited Memory: These AI systems are equipped with a memory and use their past experiences to make more informed decisions in the present.

Theory of Mind: Artificial Intelligence systems can recognize and predict the actions of others based on their mental states and beliefs, making them an invaluable tool in many different situations.

Self-Aware: AI systems possess self-awareness and consciousness to comprehend their feelings, emotions, and actions. This high degree of AI is currently theoretical but has the potential to be actualized. These machines can make decisions based on their knowledge, which would have unimaginable implications if realized at their total capacity.

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