Are you exploring how to make money with AI?

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The emergence of AI and machine learning has not just reshaped industries; it has opened up new, accessible ways for individuals like you to generate income.

According to a recent survey by McKinsey & Company, businesses are increasingly using AI tools to overcome challenges, predict market trends, and elevate the customer experience.

It’s not just corporations that can benefit from this transformative force; individuals can also find opportunities to carve out a niche.

This blog post explores practical ways to make money with AI. Understand the basics and explore advanced strategies for financial growth.

Ready to learn how to make money with AI?

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How To Make Money With AI

An infographic showing ways to make money with AI.

The world of generative AI is huge and snowballing. The possibilities are endless when you have an AI tool to assist you.

With AI tools at our fingertips, ideas leap from the realm of imagination into reality.

1. Content Creation

Jasper AI Templates
Jasper AI – Template section

Are you looking for a way to make money with AI? Why not generate written content for your website or clients?

You can produce high-quality content with advanced AI writing tools like ChatGPT,, and Content at Scale.

You can create quality written content crucial for any business looking to attract more customers online and drive conversions.

AI-based tools make it possible to produce tailored sales messages suited to your target audience without extensive marketing or copywriting knowledge. 

Start a Freelance Copywriting Business

These powerful software applications can also assist freelance writers in crafting social media posts, scripts for videos or speeches, e-books, and more.

By offering AI-generated content creation services as part of your portfolio, you can tap into the increasing demand for digital content creation in today’s market.

Using AI-generated content creation saves time and keeps your brand and identity consistent across multiple platforms.

So why not revolutionize your writing with AI-generated content?

The possibilities are endless with a few of these advanced tools at your disposal.

2. Create AI-generated Art

AI-generated Art by Midjoruney
AI-generated Art by Midjoruney

Monetizing artificial intelligence is no longer a distant dream. One lucrative avenue is through the creation of art using AI tools.

Generating Images from Detailed Prompts

Midjourney, DALL-E, and Stable Diffusion are prime examples of programs that can create unique images based on detailed prompts provided by users.

These AI-driven creations could be anything, ranging from text to speech features from surreal landscapes to abstract patterns, opening up a world of possibilities for digital artists.

Monetizing Art Through NFTs

With the popularity of Web3 and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), it is now easier than ever for artists to make money from their art with NFT art software.

Your AI-generated art could become an exclusive piece sold as an NFT, providing a company or you with a new income stream.

There are many more uses for NFT, and we have just scratched the surface so far.

Turning Digital Art Into Physical Products

Beyond the virtual realm, your AI-created masterpieces can also find life in physical products like t-shirts or wall decorations.

Printful a website to sell custom design products
Printful: Design, create, sell!

Why not use Midjourney to create vector art for a unique T-shirt design and sell it on platforms like Spreadshirt or Printful? With print-on-demand services, transforming digital designs into tangible goods becomes simple and cost-effective.

3. Create AI Video Content

A grapgh showing the AI video generator market.

The rise of artificial intelligence tools has opened up new avenues to create videos. Tools like Synthesia, Synthesys, and ChatGPT can help you generate ideas, scripts, and voiceovers for your videos.

Brainstorming Video Ideas and Scripts with ChatGPT

AI software tools, like ChatGPT, can help you develop unique and engaging video content ideas. It also assists in creating detailed scripts that capture the attention of viewers.

ChatGPT example of youtube video ideas about camping
ChatGPT example of YouTube video ideas about camping.

You can consistently produce high-quality content with less effort by leveraging this technology.

Effortlessly Create Professional Voiceovers for Your Videos

Voiceover work can be time-consuming and costly, but AI makes it a breeze.

Text-to-speech tools convert your written script into spoken words, providing an efficient solution to create professional-sounding voiceovers and add subtitles for your videos.

Monetize Your Evergreen Videos for Passive Income

Your AI-assisted YouTube videos could become a source of passive income through ad revenue or affiliate links.

If well optimized, these evergreen contents continue to attract views over time, leading to consistent earnings. Remember, the key is creating valuable content that resonates with your audience while effectively monetizing it using platforms like Google AdSense.

4. Make AI-generated Digital Visual Products

Innovative digital products and visual content creation through AI technology are popular for many businesses to market their products and services. One such method is through digital visual content, which can now be created using artificial intelligence technology.

Eye-catching ads for Websites and Social Media Platforms

The use of AI in ad design has transformed the advertising industry. Tools like can generate attention-grabbing ads that resonate with your target audience.

By offering this service to clients, you can make money, earn a good income, and help them increase their visibility online.

Professional Logo Design

Looka AI-Powered Design homepage.

A well-designed logo is crucial for any business as it helps establish a personal brand, identity, and recognition. With AI tools, you can easily create professional logos tailored to each client’s needs and preferences, providing another avenue for revenue generation.

Marketing Materials Made Easy

From flyers and brochures to banners generating videos and more, businesses need a wide range of marketing materials to generate income and enhance their visibility. By offering these services using AI technologies, you can help companies increase their reach and boost their earnings significantly.

With AI technology, the possibilities for creating digital visual content are endless.

By leveraging AI technology, you can remain competitive and provide customers with the highest quality service.

5. Build Professional Websites or Apps

Glide - AI-powered no-code builder
Glide – AI-powered no-code builder

A professional website is essential for any business in the current digital world. Luckily, with AI technologies like Wix ADI, you can easily create stunning websites without needing advanced technical skills.

Thanks to all the different no-code tools, you can also create Apps without the need for any coding skills.

Customized Websites for Small Businesses

Small businesses always need quality websites, which presents an excellent opportunity to make money. With Wix ADI, you can create customized websites tailored to your client’s needs and preferences.

No coding knowledge is required – just input your requirements and let the AI do its magic.

Leverage Subscription Sales

If you are creating content on multiple sites to earn, money isn’t appealing. Consider building one highly engaging platform with premium content behind a paywall – effectively selling subscriptions.

With consistent, valuable content updates, subscribers will be willing to pay monthly fees, granting them access, thus generating a steady revenue stream over time.

Examples of such platforms include online magazines or educational resources where new material is constantly added to keep users engaged and subscribed.

6. Transforming Text into Audio with AI

Lovo AI - Text to audio
Lovo AI – Text to audio

AI technology has opened up a world of possibilities for generating audio content using text-to-speech functions. Here are some exciting ways to utilize this innovative new technology:

Creating Captivating Audiobooks

Transforming written words into high-quality audio is a breeze with AI tools like Google’s Text-to-Speech or Amazon Polly.

Writing captivating scripts and turning them into audiobooks can provide a potential source of income when sold on platforms like Audible or iTunes.

Offering Translation Services

With the help of Google Translate API or Deepl API, you can offer valuable translation services to businesses looking to reach international audiences.

Converting written text into another language and transforming it into speech is a great way to provide accessibility and convenience.

Monetizing Written Content

The demand for converting written content into audio format has been increasing rapidly.

Whether it’s blog or sponsored social media posts, news articles, or educational materials, turning them into podcasts or spoken word files using IBM Watson’s Text Speech tool offers another avenue for monetization.

This helps visually impaired individuals and provides an opportunity to earn via freelancing on freelance sites like Upwork and Fiverr.

With AI technology, the possibilities for generating audio content are endless. Start exploring these exciting opportunities today.

7. Create Online Courses Using AI Software

AI software isn’t just for enterprises; it can also be used to aid in teaching. You can use AI to generate videos and course ideas, develop engaging material, and create online courses teaching others how to use AI itself.

This approach opens up another avenue of earning while sharing your knowledge about this amazing technology.

Brainstorming Course Ideas And Topics

The idea generation stage is the place to develop engaging and original concepts and create content that will capture your viewers. With AI, you can analyze data analysis, trends, search data, and social media discussions to identify what people are interested in learning about.

Developing Course Material

A well-structured curriculum is key to any successful online course. By leveraging tools such as Coursera’s Course Builder, which uses machine learning algorithms, you can effectively design a comprehensive syllabus that covers all aspects of the chosen topic.

Selling Your Online Courses

Finally, we get to the fun part – selling your online course! You’ve got a few options here. You could use platforms like Udemy and Coursera, which are great because they host and sell your courses for you.

Or, you might think about creating your website. It’s a bit more work but could pay off in the long run. Why?

Well, you could earn more from advertising income. And who doesn’t like a bit more cash in their pocket?

8. Use AI Trading Software

ai trading software

AI-powered trading bots for forex or crypto can automate the trading process for you by analyzing market trends and operating 24/7. This can increase efficiency and profits.

AI-powered trading software has many revenue-generating applications. These include automating personal trading, providing AI trading services, creating and marketing one’s own AI trading software, or consulting with businesses seeking to incorporate AI into their trading practices.

It is important to consider the risks of using AI trading software, as it may make incorrect predictions and lead to losses. Therefore, thorough testing is necessary before using the software to trade with real money.

Disclaimer: Past profits are not necessarily indicative of future results. I make no guarantees that you will make money. You should always consult a financial advisor regarding all risks associated with trading.

8. Build Your Brand

You must focus on building and maintaining your brand in this digital age. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, freelancer, or professional trying to advance in your career, your online presence can significantly impact your success.

With the help of AI, you can streamline and enhance your branding efforts to attract the right opportunities and connections. It’s time to take advantage of the power of AI to elevate your brand and achieve your goals.

Understand Your Audience with AI Analytics

To effectively build your brand, you need to understand your target audience. You can gain insights into your audience’s behavior, preferences, and needs.

These tools analyze social media interactions, website visits, and other digital footprints to offer tailored recommendations for enhancing your personal brand’s appeal.

Content Creation and Curation

You can utilize AI to generate content ideas tailored to your audience’s preferences. Jasper and other tools can suggest topics and formats and even help you draft content.

Additionally, you can use Curata and other AI-driven platforms to curate content from the web that resonates with your brand, ensuring that you always have high-quality content to share.

Social Media Optimization

Boost your social media strategy with the help of Hootsuite and Buffer. These platforms utilize AI to suggest optimal posting times, predict post-performance, and recommend content adjustments to improve engagement.

These platforms analyze extensive data to ensure your content reaches the maximum audience possible.

FAQs How to Make Money With AI

Is Making Money with AI Possible?

Yes, making money with AI without resorting to illegal or unethical means is possible.

How Can AI Help You Make Money?

AI can automate tasks like content creation and web design and create opportunities for passive income through affiliate marketing and subscription sales.

How to Use AI to Make Money in 2023?

Leverage advanced tools like generative AIs for writing professional sales copy, creating art, building websites using Wix ADI, or generating audio content via text-to-speech functions.

How to Monetize OpenAI?

Develop applications that utilize OpenAI’s capabilities, such as creating a chatbot service using GPT-4 or offering machine learning consulting services.

Remember to avoid technical jargon and personal biases and focus on providing valuable information to your readers.

That’s a Wrap

AI technology has opened up new opportunities for individuals and businesses to generate income, bringing forth a world of endless possibilities.

It’s no longer just about large tech corporations – now, you too can make money with AI by generating content, creating art, making YouTube videos, or even building websites with no-code AI tools.

AI has revolutionized how we approach audio-visual content, making it possible to generate stunning visuals, create engaging audio, or even launch online courses.

When I started my online journey, the barriers to entry seemed enormous. Now, thanks to AI, those barriers have lowered significantly. However, as with any new technology, it requires a commitment and willingness to learn and adapt.

You can tap into AI’s potential with the right tools and initiative. Join those profiting from AI by using these tools effectively and find your path in this evolving field.

The time to start is now. After all, the future of making money with AI is already here.

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