Ready to get your heart pumping and your legs moving in a new way?

With the best VR treadmills, you can enjoy a fully immersive experience that allows you to navigate the virtual world without physical limitations.

This enables you to fully engage with and explore the virtual gaming world using your entire body.

Imagine playing your favorite VR game, where you’re dashing away from enemies breathing down your neck, frantically searching for a hiding spot.

Isn’t that just the ultimate adrenaline rush?

In this guide, I’ve rounded up the top VR om, considering features and budget, to help you find the ideal match for your VR setup.

So, let’s start exploring the gaming world of VR in a whole new way!

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The Top Contenders in the VR Treadmill Market

The VR treadmill market has exploded recently, with various contenders battling for the top spot in VR gaming.

Here are the top contenders in the VR treadmill market:

  1. Sci-fi Coolness for Hardcore Gamers: KAT Walk C 2+
  2. Pioneer in VR Treadmills: Virtuix Omni
  3. Innovative Budget Alternative: Cyber Shoes
  4. Unrevealed Contender: Cyberith VR Treadmill

1. KAT Walk C 2+: The Sci-fi Coolness for Hardcore Gamers

A man using a Kat VR treadmill
A man using a Kat VR treadmill.


First on the list is Kat VR treadmill. The Kat Walk C2 VR treadmill is designed to provide an immersive and realistic gaming experience. Its full-circle platform allows for movement in all directions while adjustable speed and resistance levels ensure optimal gameplay.

You don’t have to worry about cords or tripping over wires while trying to experience 360-degree movement in your virtual environment.

The Kat Walk tracks real-time data like speed, distance, and calories burned and is compatible with major platforms like Oculus Rift.

What do you get when order a Katwalk VR treadmill.
An image of what’s in the box when ordering Katwalk C2+.

Key Benefits

  • Sci-fi Coolness: Gives the feeling of being in a futuristic world.
  • Easy to Learn: Most users grasp the basic concept within a few minutes.
  • Carry Your Weight: Below 130kg / 286 lbs.
  • Stand tall: 1.55–2 meters / 5’1″ – 6’7″
  • Infinite VR Space: Expands the virtual space, making it feel limitless.
  • Compatible with: Pico, Steam VR, Vive, Meta (Nexus module required without PC), PlayStation (requires Pisystem)
  • Move Your Way: Standing, walking, running, jumping.


  • Futuristic, sleek, and quality design
  • It’s so sturdy. Feel free to sprint on it.
  • Compatible with various platforms.
  • Connect with the Best. HTC Vive, Valve Index, Meta Quest – it syncs with the big names.
  • Enjoy natural movement.
  • Great support from the Katwalk team.


  • Pricey! It’s an investment, for sure.
  • Space Alert. Be ready to allocate some room!
  • It’s more like a sliding mill than a treadmill.
  • It’s noisy. Each slide makes a sound.
  • The gait of your walk or run is different than in real life.

2. Omni Directional Treadmill: The Pioneer in VR Treadmills

A visual of a VR treadmill, Omni One by Virtuix.
Omni One by Virtuix.


The second on the list is the Omni By Virtuix. This option is popular and well-known for its excellent features. The low-profile design allows free movement without worrying about bumping into furniture or walls.

This VR treadmill is affordable, making it an excellent entry-level option. It includes a built-in platform for balance support during extended gaming sessions.

The treadmill also features an omnidirectional movement base, adjustable harness system, and low-friction surface for fatigue-free movement in any direction.

What do you get when order a Virtuix Omni.
An image of what’s in the box when ordering Virtuix Omni.

Key Benefits

  • 360-Degree Movement: Walk and run in any direction, enhancing the VR experience.
  • Feel the Track: Inertial sensors that track position, stride length, and speed.
  • Compact Design: Can be easily stored, taking up minimal space.
  • Software Integration: Regular updates and feedback implementation ensure a smooth user experience.
  • Decoupled Body Orientation: Allows users to look in different directions while walking, mimicking real-life movements.
  • Versatility: Compatible with various VR games and applications.
  • Almost for everyone: Whether you’re 4’8” or 6’5”, it’s got you covered! And it can support up to 250 lbs.


  • Step into one of the pioneering VR treadmills!
  • It comes with a library of custom-made content.
  • Experience frictionless and immersive VR
  • Compatible with various VR headsets
  • Multi-directional movement allows for more natural movement in VR


  • The support ring limits your range of motion.
  • PlayStation fans? Sorry, it’s not compatible.
  • Limited game compatibility: There’s a chance your favorite game may not be supported.
  • It’s going to get noisy.

3. Cyber Shoes: Innovative Budget Alternative

A visal image of a pair of Cybershoes for VR

CyberShoes might be the perfect fit for those seeking an alternative to traditional VR treadmills. If you’re short on space and funds, Cybershoes can offer an immersive experience without breaking the bank!

Even though they are less powerful than regular VR treadmills, Cyber Shoes still provide gamers with an immersive experience. However, they may not be compatible with all VR systems, and additional hardware may be required.

CyberShoes are best suited for specific game genres, such as:

  • FPS
  • Open-world
  • Adventure
  • Riddle
  • Social games
Whats in the box when you order Cybershoes.


  • An innovative alternative to traditional VR treadmills
  • Affordable solution for VR locomotion
  • Comfortable, easy to use, and perfect for smaller spaces


  • It’s not as mighty as some regular VR treadmills.
  • You feel like walking, but rather sliding your feet back and forth.
  • It may not provide as smooth and natural movement as other VR treadmills.

4. Cyberith Virtualizer Elite 2

A visual image of an Cyberith Virtualizer Elite 2 VR treadmill.
Cyberith Virtualizer Elite 2.


Next up on the list is the Cyberith Virtualizer. This is an excellent choice for a lighter, more streamlined option. The platform is relatively less bulky, and motion sensors track its steps.

This makes it easier to perform bowing motions without risking hurting yourself. Additionally, its assembly is rather portable, making it all the more attractive to users. It’s also compatible with Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

Meanwhile, its lighter design and gliding-based operating system make it a great option for those looking to replicate the feeling of walking.

Emerging Trends in Omnidirectional treadmills

The rise of omnidirectional treadmills marks a groundbreaking shift in the VR and AR sectors.

Innovations like the Omni One and Disney’s Holotile floor are setting the stage for a revolution in virtual and augmented realities.

Here’s why they’re game-changers:

  • 360-Degree Movement: These treadmills break physical boundaries, allowing users to walk and run in any direction. This enhances the realism in VR and AR, syncing physical movements with virtual environments.
  • Solving Movement Challenges: They address a key challenge in VR/AR – how to naturally move in a virtual space. This leads to a more immersive and interactive experience, bridging the gap between physical and virtual realities.
  • Market Growth: The VR treadmill market is on an upward trajectory. This growth is fueled by increasing demand in diverse areas like fitness centers, home entertainment, and rehabilitation facilities.

These treadmills offer a new way to play and a more holistic and immersive way to experience virtual worlds, bringing a new level of engagement to VR and AR.

Why Buy a VR Treadmill

Why should you invest in a VR treadmill?

Let’s dive into the compelling reasons:

  1. Immerse Yourself Fully: With a VR treadmill, you’re not just playing a game but living it. Every step in the real world translates to movement in the virtual realm, pulling you deeper into the experience.
  2. Stay Active and Fit: Say goodbye to sedentary gaming sessions! You’ll walk, run, and even sprint, turning your gaming time into a dynamic workout.
  3. Enhance Game Strategy: In tactical games, the ability to physically move can give you a strategic edge. Dodge bullets, sneak up on enemies, or scout locations with real-world agility.
  4. Expand Your Play Area: Limited space in your room? No problem. A VR treadmill lets you traverse vast virtual landscapes without needing a large physical play area.
  5. Reduce Motion Sickness: Some people feel nauseous during VR sessions due to the disconnect between visual movement and physical stillness. A VR treadmill can bridge this gap, making your VR sessions more comfortable.

VR Treadmill Buying Guide: Making the Right Choice

An image showcasing the top-rated VR treadmills, including the best VR treadmills for an immersive virtual reality experience.

Selecting a VR treadmill involves more than just picking a model.

To help you navigate the VR treadmill market, here’s a comprehensive buyer’s guide:

  • Space Requirements: Check the space needed for treadmills like the Virtuix Omni. Ensure you have enough room for a comfortable VR experience.
  • Compatibility Check: Match the treadmill with your VR gear. Ensure it pairs well with your VR headset and system and suits your favorite game genres.
  • Budget Considerations: VR treadmills have a wide price range. Set your budget and look for options that offer the best value without compromising essential features.

By focusing on these aspects, you’ll be better equipped to choose a VR treadmill that fits your space, syncs with your equipment, and aligns with your financial plan.

That’s a Wrap

In conclusion, VR treadmills are your ticket to uncharted territories! They elevate your gaming, making every session a thrilling adventure.

Even if VR has its limitations today, it is important to note that the development towards a more immersive reality will continue.

VR treadmills will play a crucial role in achieving this goal.

Imagine that you are not just playing a game, but you are in the game and experiencing everything around you just as if you were there. We are not quite there yet, but we are getting there.

I have given you several options, such as Virtuix Omni, KAT Walk C 2+, Cyber Shoes, and Cyberith VR Treadmill. Despite being a significant investment and currently in the early stages of development, this technology substantially improves the overall immersive experience.

Remember, it’s all about balancing space, compatibility, and budget.

So, dive in, explore your options, and prepare to enter a new virtual reality world!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a treadmill for VR?

Yes, a treadmill specifically for virtual reality gaming – the KAT Walk C2 Core- provides an immersive experience. Companies like Cat VR and Omni by Virtuix have also developed popular VR treadmills.

How does an omnidirectional treadmill work?

An omnidirectional treadmill allows for movement in all directions, responding with the equivalent treadmill motion. It usually comprises a highly sensitive flat surface to enable obstruction-free movement needed for VR and could have additional accessories like haptic suits for a full-body interactive experience.

How does Virtuix Omni work?

The Virtuix Omni allows users to physically walk within select games on the HTC Vive through a platform device that simulates locomotion with special shoes or covers and a friction-reducing surface. This way, it creates an immersive and realistic gaming experience for users.

What are the benefits of using a VR treadmill?

VR treadmills offer an immersive gaming experience, letting users move freely and naturally in virtual environments. They can also help players burn more calories while having fun!

Are VR treadmills compatible with all VR headsets?

No, not all VR treadmills are compatible with every VR headset, so it’s important to check compatibility before purchasing.

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